The Works

TopRoundups is a site dedicated to list the best roundup articles published on the web.

Why? Well, simply put, roundup articles are a great resource for readers, writers, and publishers alike, and on whatever subject they could be interested in. With that in mind, TopRoundups was born, making it easier for anyone to find roundup articles by topic, publisher, author, or even by the publication date. Think of it as - "Rounding Up the Roundups" ;)

The idea came from my constant need to add those hard to remember HTML entity codes, every time I’m developing a new website or writing a new article. Usually, I either open one of my previously done webpages and copy what I need, or I go to w3schools to search in their long lists for what I want. I don’t know if I’m the only one doing this, but I know for sure that both methods wasted my time and exhausted my eyes. (more)

SingleFunction is a showcase of one purpose, one function, single serving sites; meaning, websites that have one functionality, no clutter, and require no learning curve.

Being a big fan of simplicity, I thought it would be a good idea to share my passion... I decided to list my finds of single function sites, allow other enthusiasts to do so as well, and make it an effortless experience for anyone to find them.